Hoang Giai International Building Materials is a subsidiary of Hoang Giai Corporation Limited

(hereinafter referred to as: Hoang Giai Company)

Hoang Giai Company entered the Vietnamese market in 2007, is a foreign-invested company, mainly dealing in construction machinery. The corporation is located on Highway 5, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province, 16 km from Hanoi capital.

In 2012, Hoang Giai Company established a branch in Binh Duong and continued to open another branch in Ho Chi Minh City. Over 10 years of establishment and development, currently Hoang Giai Company Limited is in a period of strong development.

In 2015, Hoang Giai Co., Ltd. established a division of manufacturing and trading box houses, container houses, and assemblers. By 2017, the company has established the international building materials department Hoang Giai; is a company specializing in the design, research, production, sales, installation of products such as stone, aluminum doors and windows, steel wooden doors, decorative lights, tiles, waterproof paint etc. ;

Currently, this is a company specializing in building materials with the largest scale in Vietnam, offering customers a wide range of products. Can produce stone products such as: TV wall, sofa wall, door knob, window panel, wall base, corner panel, hand wash basin, kitchen countertop etc.

Aluminum door and window products: windows, toilet doors, kitchen doors, terrace doors, balcony rain roofs, greenhouses, outdoor resort huts and other aluminum household items etc.

Main wooden steel products: indoor door, wooden door, anti-theft door, fireproof door, toilet door, villa gate etc.

Lamp products: indoor lighting, commercial field lighting, Chinese style lamp, European style candle lamp, modern crystal lamp, luxury style art lamp etc. paving stone products: cladding stone, golden enamel stone, diamond cladding stone, crystal cladding stone, polishing stone, terraced stone, stone painting, stone painting etc. We use convenient, luxurious materials, trendy, green environment, clean and beautiful. We always appreciate people, keep trust, both sides benefit and win cooperation.

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